Sunday, March 8, 2009

Susan M brayer contribution for Weekly Challenge

made this using a Traci Bautista technique where you lay down dyed and still wet paper towels, then your paper and then a stencil and brayer over it. I embellished the flower with ink and some paint.

Susan M.
(Comment: pretty slick! It will make a great background- Belinda)

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Bea said...

I took one of Tracie's workshops at Valley Ridge and we did that technique. It makes some great background pages. I had a bumpy cutting board that I was using as my base but it made some really interesting background texture.
She really recommended just buying a piece of plexiglass and smearing your excess paint on it. Or, you could use one of those silicone cutting mats that you can find in Target. I think they come in a package, very cheap. :)Bea