Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekly Challenge: Scrap ATCs

I had a leftover quilt sandwich from another project. I cut pieces of scrap fabric into little pieces and then zigzag stitched it on top of my quilt sandwich. I overlapped it. I left gaps to show some of the sandwich surface. You can click on the pict for a larger view.
I cut the quilt sandwich into the 2.5 x 3.5 ATC size. I got 5 ATCs out of it.

The bottom pict here shows the edges done with a zigzag and straight stitch to make sure the edges don't fray. I also took some gelly roll and Sharpie paint markers and did some doodling. I will finish it off later with a focal point. I have to root around and find a good used image to put on there. Remember the "used" part. It's Chinese New Year. Gotta do the family thing. Ya know how grandparents are. Gotta spoil the grandkids now (not me, my parents). Will post my final ATCs when I get them finished. Just wanted to get some of you started. You get the idea.


This week's challenge is to use whatever you have at home to create scrap ATCs. You cannot buy anything to make this ATC. The kicker to this challenge is that the scraps you have to use is that the materials you use have to be truly scraps. The only new materials you may use are the binding materials and coloring materials. Binding materials would be your glue and thread. Your coloring materials would be your paints, markers, pencils, and the like.

Let me elaborate. You cannot use a new sheet of paper or a new cut of fabric. You cannot use a new flower from a pack of Prima flowers. You cannot use a new brad from a pack of brads.

You can pull off a brad from another project and use it on your ATC. You can use scraps of fabric that have been used from another project and use that for your ATC. You can use leftover pieces of card stock from another project for this ATC. You can use cardboard from a box for this ATC. The materials used in this ATC must have been used in some way before it can be used in or on this ATC. Find rusty washers or cut up old t-shirts or sweaters. Pop off the old buttons from shirts.
You don't have to do this from fabric. You can do this from paper, card stock, cardboard, matboard, or even metal. You pick the material at home. The only requirements are the
2.5 x 3.5 size and the used material criteria.
Have fun. Email me if you have any questions. Feel free to comment.

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