Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly Challenge

You will have to tell me if I begin to repeat myself. Things tend to blur together because I do so many things at one time. This week's challenge is to write on fabric. What I have been doing is writing letters to my sister who passed away last May. I am telling her things that I wanted to let her know but never got the change to tell her before the cancer took her. I am not sure it is making me feel better but I feel the need to write to her. I have been writing on dyed muslin with Gelly Roll black pens - which work great BTW. You can also use black Sharpies. Just write about whatever you want. Just write, doodle, whatever you want to do. Then take what you have written and use it in your art. I have taken parts of my letters and used it in my fabric books. I have taken sections in it and have used it as postcard backgrounds. I have used it as flower petals. I had created puffy geometric shaped with it. It did not matter whether I could read the words any more or not. What mattered was that the words came out of me and that they were not bottled up inside me any more.

I am digressing a lot this week. So, you are to write on fabric this week. Just write, write, write. Take what you have written, cut it up, quilt it up, sew on it, do whatever you want, and create something with parts of what you have written. Have fun.


Sacred Yoli said...

I love writing and playing with fabric. I just did an online tutorial that uses writing and or scribbling on silk.

Happy creating.

Bea said...

I think this is a great idea. :)Bea