Monday, March 23, 2009

A Day Late - Weekly Challenge

Sorry, out of town for cheerleading nationals. I am still smelling chlorine in my hair. It was in Wisconsin Dells. It is only fun if you are a child groovin' on water slides.

This week is all about mail art. I am finally catching up with all the postcards that people sent to my 6th graders. Your job this week is to blow the dust off your paper cutter and cut a piece of card stock to a 4x6 size. Okay, you can cheat and take a piece of background that is around that size and cut it to 4x6. It can be fabric if you want. You need to put a focal point on it. Do something to it but it needs to be flat so you can just stick a stamp on it to send it to someone. NO fair if you put it in an envelope to mail it off to someone in pristine condition. You have to address and stamp it on the other side. You have to mail it to someone who is NOT an art person. Yeah, they might not get it. They might not appreciate it. BUT, but, but, you are spreading the love. You can always make more than one and send that one to an art person so you know it will be appreciated and loved - no matter what. You know that you can do whaever you want, I will never know the difference. I am just making it up as I go along. Do make the flat postcard and send it to someone. Make one for yourself and send it to yourself. You will come across it one day and it will amuse you. It amuses me when I come across it every once in awhile. I do it every so often when the urge strikes me to mail out an art card. I get in the mood and will do mail out a couple times a year.

Fast Eyes, if you are reading this. I so love the mail art that you send to me! You send me the very best postcards - art cards ever!

Go out and find some funky postage!

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