Saturday, January 31, 2009

Trying to make art, even when you are tired

I have had to work a lot this week. I work at Georgia Tech part time (much higher pay, insurance, and retirement) and at a local quilt store part time (fun, work around fiber, play with color, and big employee discounts. I also teach art quilting several times a month. It seems that I am doing too much this week and have come home very tired everyday. It is times like this that it becomes easy to NOT go into the studio and make art. Trying to make the "weekly commitment" helped. I decided not to stress over anything and instead to just doodle. It isn't about making "great" art every week (wouldn't that be great) but just doing it. So... here is my Art for this week!


Diane said...

Oh, I want to doodle like you!!!!! I'm inspired.

Rosie said...

Gorgeous doodling! I hear you - that's when I get out my journal and magazine stuff to relax and create with!! Good on yer!