Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I guess when I do things it is clear only to me. I don't mean to confuse people. You DON'T have to sign-up for anything if you want to participate in the weekly challenges that I post on Sundays. That was actually an afterthought so that people who read/subscribe to this blog could participate in doing something weekly. The people who are contributors/authors to this blog, who are actually committed to doing weekly projects all year long have to contact me so that I put them on as authors and they can post their projects to this blog. If you decide you want to do one of my Sunday weekly challenges, you can just email me your finished challenge and I will post the pict of your finished project to the blog. You don't need to tell me you want to play. Clear as mud?

So, if you want to commit to a year-long thing and want to do something every week and post to this blog, then contact me and I will put you on as an author to this blog.

If you want to just read, cheer on people, and once in awhile play in my Sunday challenges, you don't have to do a thing. You can just play. You can email me your finished challenge and I will post to this blog.

We clear? I am sorry for any confusion. Belinda

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